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Profile Screening and Credential Verification

Accounting Express has been proud to hire quality accounts, payroll and CPA’s well versed in various areas of accounting, taxes, payroll, and HR. All staff go through a vigorous back ground checks as well as education credentials. Experts that we select are recognized in their fields just as if you were to seek out a lawyer or doctor for an issue. Accounting Express is also fortunate to have a large area of outside professional that are always there to assist.

Peer-to-peer Reviews

It's A Team Effort

We want to ensure that we have given you the most accurate and helpful answer and best quality of service.

Therefor, it is our standard practice that all questions and answers are reviewed by a second team member prior to submitting the reply back to you.

Larry Edinger

Larry co-founded the firm in 2006 and is responsible for creating and nurturing the strong customer service culture that DALLE brings to its clients. Larry has held accounting, accounts receivable, payroll, and customer service positions during his career and also owned a successful commercial cleaning business that once employed 25 staff providing services across 10 counties.Larry has since gone on to Co-Found Accounting Express. "This has been a dream of mine to make it to anyone can access a real Accountant."

Dave Brownell, CPA

Dave joined DALLE Accounting in 2016 after serving in various Chief Financial Officer and operations roles. Prior to that, Dave worked in public accounting, six years with a Big Four firm. Dave brings a technical accounting acumen to his clients that helps them strengthen their reliance on accounting information, make strong business decisions, and maintain regulatory compliance. Dave leads a team of accounting professionals serving for- and non-profit clients. Dave holds a bachelor's in business administration (accounting) from Siena College and is a NYS Licensed CPA.

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Accounting Express offers an array of services in this area from starting a payroll to questions that arise daily of how to solve areas of procedures, to company loans, Garnishments and how to address them and State judgements that an employee may need to pay back.

Human Resources

Accounting Express is the company to help you with any questions you may have about employee hiring, background check, issue within their employment, paperwork you need them to sign so may avenues are at your fingertips with an answer from

Time Keeping

Accounting Express offers a unique solutions to anyone that needs to keep track of time and several different solutions. Should your staff be in the same building or spread out around other locations and even states we can help your business by tracting your employees time. Just let us know the problem and we can go from there.

AccountingExpress Concierge

Accounting Express offers a unique service for anyone that wants to talk to an accountant or CPA face to face to discuss a problem via Skype.

Some clients have a need to go over details and want to express their concerns to us and get an understanding of what they can do or how they can proceed with whatever the issue may be.

This can range from Tax questions, payroll, HR areas that need more indebt understanding. This service is offered at a cost of $90.00 for 15 minutes of conversation with a CPA.

If this is what you are looking for please read the Terms and Conditions for this service.

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