24/7 on call CPA -TAXES TAXES TAXES (we will do them and file them)

$200.00 BASIC TAX NO extra fees NO membership to join Complex tax $500.00
Title of the document Certified Accountants for a Certified Answer!
Accounting Express is here to answer any question you may have and get the answer related to your questions within 24-36 hours. All answers are reviewed and CERTIFIED by a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) For a small fee per question, we can give you answers you can rely on from a professional standpoint and they can be used on any documents you may be filling out. We never close. FEES for other Accounting firms can range between $180 to $650/hour where ACCOUNTING EXPRESS FEES begin at $15.00 and up and will not exceed $175.00 TOTAL!

Accounting Services

We are here for you
●Accounts payable processing ● Accounts receivable processing ● Month-end closing ● Balance sheet account reconciliations ● Financial statement preparation and financial statement analysis ● Budget preparation and forecasting ● Establishing and strengthening internal controls


For payrolls large and small
●Direct deposit●Quickbooks Desktop● Mandatory state new hire reporting ● Online payroll stubs ● W-2s are always included●Quickbooks Desktop●Hour laws● Department of labor regulations ●Developing and implementing financial and management dashboards ● Preparation of all financial records for audit or tax returns

Tax Preparation

From start to finish
●Financing & Cash Management● Internal Accounting Department Assessments● Board & Investor Reporting● Non-Profit Accounting Management● QuickBooks Accounting Setup & Assistance● Collection Services ● Maximum tax refund

Our Staff will be sure
that you get the most knowledgeable
answers to your specific question!

Larry Edinger.

President and Owner

Larry is founder of the firm in 2016 and is responsible for creating and nurturing the strong customer service culture that Accounting Express will brings to its clients. Larry has held accounting, accounts receivable, payroll, and customer service positions during his career an put his ideas to be the founder Accounting Express. "This has been a dream of mine to make it possible for anyone to access a real accountant." WE are in the USA and never sub work out and have an amazing staff Powered by DALLE Accounting and Cash Management.

Dan Lortie, CPA,CTP

Chief Consultant
Dan is the Managing Director and CPA that heads the departments and is a certified public accountant and a certified treasury professional. He is chief consultant for Accounting Express He has a master’s degree in insurance and a bachelor’s degree in business administration (accounting). Dan has served on several local boards as well as national committees in cash management. In 2017 Dan has been a great help for Accounting Express and with his knowledge and Staff of CPA's he has been the power behind Accounting Express and we are proud to have such a stong and excellent company behind us as DALLE Accounting and Cash Management.

Get Answer (s) NOW from Accountants or CPA's.Need a face to face discussion? We are ready. If you submit a written question request We are here to answer it with 24-36 hours and have it back in your inbox! Easy and Fast no hastles no presures just the Certified answer you need!
No matter what state you are from We are here for you!

Accounting Express is an on line service for accounting,Payroll, TAX questions.get a fast response, often within 24-36 hours. Get help from the comfort of your couch. No more having to make an appointment first driving across town to meet with an accountant!! Plus it could be several days or weeks to get into see an accountant. We never close. FEES for Accounting firms can range between $180 to $650/hour where ACCOUNTING EXPRESS FEES start at $15 per hour and can not exceed $175.00

Talk to Accountants, or other tax specialist/CPA's, but without the typical hassle and expense. Most important is once you use or service you will not get constant e-mail from us. When your answer has been certified and sent to you, the process is finished and until you need us again! Just come back to the website and we will be here to help you! No constant emails from this Accounting Express after you have gotten the answer.

Just think you will get a CERTIFIED ANSWER BY A CPA customized to your specific topic as you talk to an Accountant Face to Face or if you chose just ask the question in the form provide and we will be there to help!! & Remember we CERTIFIED THE ANSWER everyone's reply will be reviewed and CERTIFIED BY A CPA's

One-On-One Consultation or On Line Question

We offer solutions that will be for your specific questions. We keep the process straight forward and simple to use, so you get the answers you need.


Accounting Express offers an array of services in this area from starting a payroll to questions that arise daily. Maybe an employee has a loan that needs paying back, child support, Garnishments?? how to address those issues as well as State judgements that an employee may need to pay back. Accounting Express is a click away for the answer you need NOW Plus if you need a payroll firm we do payrolls for companies all over the USA and we certainly take on any and all new clients. We are proud to be Powered by DALLE Accounting and Cash Management. Want your payroll done by DALLE Accounting NO PROBLEM-Prices/Size varies but we are the Most Inexpresive payroll company in the USA!!!
Ask a Question $15 and up Concierge Service $45 Express Concierge $60


TAX TIME? Need to get you taxes ready for the end of the year. Try us! Accounting Express offers an outstanding array of Tax Accountants for taxes no matter if you are an individual or company. Issues that may not be understand on the complex tax forms OR you have a question on a matter that needs to be addressed regardless if you are corporate or small business or personal taxes. Accounting Express Tax Accountants are here to help and should you need us to do your taxes we offer this service for a price NO one can beat. REMEMBER all answers signed off by a CPA. The Tax area is Complex and complicated and no need to worry we are a click away.
Ask a Question $25 on Up Concierge Service $55 Express Concierge and up


We are here to help with any question you may have with keeping your books in order. Accounting Express is here to help you with problems utilizing Quickbooks On Line or Desktop. There are many functions within Quickbooks that owners or users do not know how to navigate through them all you need to do is ASK, we are a click away. Try us with any questions that come up

Remeber it is our standard practice that all questions and answers are reviewed by a second team Accountant prior to submitting the reply back to you and signed off by a CPA.

WE offer Webinars to teach QuickBooks at various times of the year
Ask a Question -Starting at $15.00 on up Concierge Service $40 Express Concierge $65


A MESSAGE FROM LARRY THE OWNER OF ACCOUNTING EXPRESS.......... Stop thinking about a solution or answer to a question. Don't be afraid to try Accounting Express we are only here to help answer whatever is on your mind should it be taxes, Payroll, and of course so many questions about quickbooks and accounting that so many try to wade through but with a click of the mouse, help is here! Your answer in just a few hours, and all CPA review the answer and sign off on which is an area only we do. CPA signing off on the answer to your question(s) simply means "you can take it to the bank", "use it for tax returns, whatever you need. Click Click Click..and you are on the way to an answer. Please give us a try, many others from all over the country have...why not you!

AccountingExpress Concierge or Express Concierge?

Accounting Express offers a unique service for anyone that wants to talk to an accountant or CPA face to face to discuss a problem via Skype.

Some clients have a need to go over details and want to express their concerns to us, and get an understanding of what they can do or how they can proceed with whatever the issue may be.

This is a specialized service since questions can have many additional avenues to deal with and can range from tax questions, payroll, or human resource areas that need more indepth understanding. This service is offered at a cost of $15.00 for a single question with no add ons and fees can go up no more than $165.00 for a conversation with a CPA.

If this is what you are looking for please read the Terms and Conditions for this service.

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