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Larry Edinger.

President and Owner

Larry is founder of the firm in 2016 and is responsible for creating and nurturing the strong customer service culture that Accounting Express will brings to its clients. Larry has held accounting, accounts receivable, payroll, and customer service positions during his career an put his ideas to be the founder Accounting Express. "This has been a dream of mine to make it possible for anyone to access a real accountant." WE are in the USA and never sub work out and have an amazing staff Powered by DALLE Accounting and Cash Management.

Dan Lortie, CPA,CTP

Chief Consultant
Dan is the Managing Director and CPA that heads the departments and is a certified public accountant and a certified treasury professional. He is chief consultant for Accounting Express He has a master’s degree in insurance and a bachelor’s degree in business administration (accounting). Dan has served on several local boards as well as national committees in cash management. In 2017 Dan has been a great help for Accounting Express and with his knowledge and Staff of CPA's he has been the power behind Accounting Express and we are proud to have such a stong and excellent company behind us as DALLE Accounting and Cash Management.

Get Answers from From Accountants from a written question request or speak One-On-One with an Accountant or CPA from the state you are from
We have clients all over the USA!

You’ll get a fast response, often within 24-36 hours. Get help from the comfort of your couch instead of driving across town—plus, we never close.

Talk to the same Accountant you would find at an accounting firm, or other tax specialist/CPA's, but without the typical hassle and expense.

Just think you will get customized answer specific to your questions as you talk back & forth with our Accountant or CPA PLUS THE ANSWER IS CERTIFIED BY A CPA!!!


One-On-One Consultation or On Line Question

We offer solutions that jwill be for your specific questions. We keep the process straight forward and simple to use, so you get the answers you need.


Accounting Express offers an array of services in this area from starting a payroll to questions that arise daily maybe an employee has a loan that needs paying back, child support, Garnishments and how to address those issues as well as State judgements that an employee may need to pay back. Accounting Express is a click away for the anser you need NOW Plus if you need a payroll firm we do payrolls all over the USA and we would take on new clients if you feel a need for that Question=$35.00 Face to Face= $65.00(15

Human Resources

Accounting Express is the company to help you with any questions you may have about employee hiring, background checks, issue within their employment, paperwork you need them to sign. An many times you may wonder how to addess this problem with staff or can I do this within the confinds of the law. So may avenues are at your fingertips with an answer from


Accounting Express offers tax relief for anyone doing their own taxes and have issues that they may not understand on the complex tax forms OR the have a question on a matter that needs to be addressed in their corporate or small business or personal taxes. Accounting Express Tax experts can be there and help as well as do your taxes and have them signed off by a CPA. The Tax area is complicated and no need to worry we are a click away.


Daily accounting and Banking issues

We are here to help with any question you may have with keeping your books in order. We are here to help you with problems utilizing Quickbooks and there are many functions with Quickbooks that may owners or users do not know how to use them. Try us with any questions that come up

Remeber it is our standard practice that all questions and answers are reviewed by a second team member prior to submitting the reply back to you and signed off by a CPA.

AccountingExpress Concierge

Accounting Express offers a unique service for anyone that wants to talk to an accountant or CPA face to face to discuss a problem via Skype.

Some clients have a need to go over details and want to express their concerns to us, and get an understanding of what they can do or how they can proceed with whatever the issue may be.

This can range from tax questions, payroll, or human resource areas that need more indepth understanding. This service is offered at a cost of $90.00 for 15 minutes or $175 for a half hour of conversation with a CPA.

If this is what you are looking for please read the Terms and Conditions for this service.

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