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Accounting Express provides you the opportunity to ask questions that are answered directly by experts who specialize in Accounting, Tax Issues, Payroll and even Human Resources related topics.

Why Use Accounting Express?

We ONLY employ Experts!

Accountants experienced in several Areas
All fo the staff that works for Accounting Express are College graduates as well as CPA's, no other persons will be answering your questions, We verify all credential, related experiences, along with ongoing performance reviews, and more.

Fast help, day or night

24/7 We are here!
Our service allows you to have an online dialogue with our team of Accountants—without ever leaving your computer! You can just ask a questions without talking face to face with a CPA or Accountant. You can do anythink on your own time and your own schedule — no need to make an appointment.

One-on-one attention

Search no more we Certify results
No more overwhelming searches and results that you are not too sure are exactly what you needed, or the results are more confusing and more research is needed. Get your own customized answer as you comminicate back & forth with your Accoutant assigned to your case.

Get matched with the exact Expert you need

One Accountant with knowledge related only to your question
We make sure you get the right type of Accountant based on your question: Accountant, CPA, Business Advisor, Tax, Bookkeeping, QB issue or HR Specialist.

So, what's next?

We want to get you to your answer as quickly and efficiently as possible. You just need to decide which way works best for you!

Ask our Accounting Staff, using our online portal for the question and then the results!

We will promptly assign the correct Accountant who will review your question and provide you with a quote in preparation of researching your answer. That small Fee will give you peace of mind that the answers will be certified by a CPA!!! How great is that!!


Schedule a One-on-One consultation with one of our Accountants or if you require a CPA we have them ready!!! How great is that!!

Using our "Concierge" service, where we will coordinate a private one-on-one call with an Accountant or CPA whomever you are looking for who can assist you.

Our Experts come from
all over the Country...

The Experts on Accounting Express are a fast and affordable source of accurate tax information,Bookkeeping, Payroll, Quick Books on Line and Desktop! Just think how you save time and expense of scheduling a visit to an accountant. Get in the car or leave work to get the answer you need. NOT Accounting Express, try us!!!

Dan L.

Dan is a certified public accountant and a certified treasury professional. He has a master’s degree in insurance and a bachelor’s degree in business administration (accounting). Dan has served on several local boards as well as national committees in cash management.

Dave B.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Dave brings technical accounting acumen to his clients that helps them strengthen their reliance on accounting information, make strong business decisions, and maintain regulatory compliance. Dave leads a team of accounting professionals serving for- and non-profit clients. Dave holds a bachelor's in business administration (accounting)and is a NYS Licensed CPA.

Jim C.

AE Certified Consultant
Excellent sills in supervising a team of accounting professionals, Jim helps his clients evaluate operational efficiency, prepare budgets, and ensure compliance with a variety of regulatory requirements. Jim holds a bachelor's in business administration (accounting) and prior to working in the hospitality industry, had a short career as a tax preparer and auditor.

Larry E.

AE Certified Consultant / HR Specialists
College Graduate in 1969, strong customer service and HR he brings to its clients. Larry has held accounting, accounts receivable, payroll, and customer service positions during his career and also owned a successful commercial cleaning business that once employed 25 staff providing services across 10 counties. He expertise also includes a variety of areas in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire.

Dani D.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Graduated with Master of Accountancy (MAcc); Dual Accounting/Finance BS, 13 years between public practice and private industry including international industries, training obtained in Germany. Knowledge of New York Laws as well as South Carolina,  Strengths in problem solving, attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Lisa M.

AE Certified Consultant
16 years in the accounting industry working with retail, construction and non-profit clients. She serves for- and non-profit clients with the full-spectrum of accounting duties and excels in client service. Lisa holds a bachelor’s in accounting from SUNY and is studying to become a Certified Management Accountant.

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