How to save money with the Trump Plan

Before the new law takes effect, there are several steps taxpayers can take to reduce their taxes this year by taking advantage of breaks that won't be there beginning in 2018. "If you look at your last year’s tax return, you see this is gone, this is gone, this is gone, and you are not left with much except the government's standard deduction," said Dan Lortie, a founding partner at DALLE Accounting and Tax Management located in Watervliet, New York, this is an accounting, tax and consulting firm. "I'm going to try to throw as much into '17 as I can. It's all a matter of looking at your previous year and saying, 'If all this goes away, what is going to be left?'" Lortie said the phone hasn't stopped ringing from clients seeking advice now that the tax bill has passed. "It's lunacy around here," he said. "It’s a barrage of phone is article
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