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Our Mission is Simple. We help people!

Most people can become overwhelmed with their business when they must couple the accounting and payroll side of the business...

We're an Email or Phone Call Away!

Do what you do best

Let us do what we do...

We will do the digging, research and find the solutions for you. This will allow you to do what you do best and continue making money at your daily job, or continue to grow your new business.

Just Ask the Question

Simple and Direct...

All you need to do is ask, be assured that our experts at Accounting Express will be there to assist you. In short time you'll have the expert waiting in your in-box.

Membership or Pay as you go?

You have the freedom to choose...

As a member you have the freedom to submit questions and request assistance from one of our certified experts anytime you need. Before you know it, our trained specialists have solved your problem and the answer becomes part of your online digital profile for review and revisting now and later.

Obvioulsy thats not saying we don't help those who haven't joined (yet). Simply submit your question, we'll provide you a writen quote and cost breakout for the consultation and send you a simple to pay digital invoice, while you process your payment, we'll work on finding you the answers and send that directly to your in-box.

Remember, You can join anytime...

Accounting Express was developed with YOU in mind

Individuals and Businesses alike...

Accounting Express was developed for individuals or businesses that have a periodic questions about accounting that they may not understand.

We find that most often of our members are just like you. Individuals or small business owners who don't need a dedicated accounting firm or or full time HR manager. Just need occasional access to someone to point them in the right direction or verify some important tax related papers.

Couch Consultation

Ready willing and able....

All of this can be done from the comfort of your home or office. No need make an appointment or drive to someone’s office to ask what could be a simple to answer question by an accountant or other specialist.

Remember, we employ a team of participating accounting, tax and HR specialists who can answer and send you a reply FAST, because we realize you do not want to wait on a return call or get billed excessivly for the conversation, when all you want it a simple answer.

Confidence in our service

So you found your answer on the internet...

Yeah, we all kmow that if it's on the internet it must be correct.... Not Really!

So many people blindly just go to the web and type in the a question, trusting that the answer that pops up will give them the advice they seek...

Sometimes, surely they find correct answers this way. However, most often the answer may not apply because the tax laws are diffrent or the information is outdated.

Are you willing to take the risk of a fine or the potential loss of thousands of dollars because you saved $20?

Membership HAS its benefits...

Instant Access

You get instant access to our member support portal, where you can review archived questions and post your question to our team.

Faster Service

We prioritize and make sure our members are given priority service with all their requests and support needs.

One-On-One Support

We asign you to an expert who is familiar with your specific accounting concern, region or tax laws.

Verified Answers

We won't just provide you "canned" responses or generic terminology. Your dedicated expert will dig down and provide you the specific guidance and advice which you can confidently rely on.

Cost Effective Resource

Our low monthly membership plans give you access to a full range of business experts to help deal with General Accounting, Tax and HR related issues.

Backed by Experience

We're not just some online group, we're backed by a real fully staffed Accounting Firm with thousands of individual, small and large business clients throughout the 50 states. So you can feel confident that your expert has the experience and knowledge to properly support you.

We'll help, even if you aren't a member! (yet) ;)

Get in Touch With Our Experts to Get a Quote

Not sure if you need to join our program yet, or will have a need for ongoing support? No problem! We'll gladly help you get to the bottom of your tax, accounting or HR questions.

Just submit your question. we'll generate a quote (fairly priced) and help you foind the answers...
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